1. A client had their pistol permit temporarily suspended for allegedly using the firearm to scare someone unjustifiably. After a hearing in the matter in New York State Supreme Court, the Court dismissed the violation and fully restored the client’s pistol permit and their 2nd Amendment rights.
  2. Following a trial in a town court, a client was acquitted of Assault in the 3rd Degree charges.
  3. Following a trial In a Monroe County Town Court, a client charged with DWI was acquitted of the misdemeanor DWI and convicted of the non-criminal DWAI.
  4. In a follow up, a client recently acquitted of DWI and DWAI wins their Refusal Hearing with the DMV. Matter closed at DMV without a 1-year license revocation! Once arrested and charged with DWI and Refusal to submit to a chemical test is acquitted of all alcohol driving charges and wins the refusal hearing avoiding license revocations, fines, surcharges and ignition interlock!
  5. Following a 6-month investigation by law enforcement into a 2-year-old Rape/ Sex Abuse allegation, Sercu Law’s client has Grand Jury dismiss the allegations as unfounded!
  6. Our client was charged with larceny in a town court. Motions were filed and based upon those motions the court dismissed all charges against the client.
  7. In New York State Supreme Court, our client John Doe was acquitted of Manslaughter in the 2nd Degree and Felony Assault cases following a trial. The client faced up to 15 years in state prison. The client was accused of recklessly operating a motor vehicle when his vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian standing near a tow truck. After 4 days of trial, the Court agreed that the People failed to prove their case.
  8. In a Town Court in Monroe County, following a trial, our client had his misdemeanor DWI charge as well as several traffic tickets including Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident dismissed as the Court held that statements alleged made by the client to police legally needed to be suppressed. Without the client’s admissions to operation at the time of the accident, the Government could not satisfactorily prove that our client was operating the vehicle at the time of the motor vehicle accident.
  9. In a local court, a misdemeanor DWI was dismissed when the Court agreed that the police lacked probable cause on St Patrick’s Day to stop the client’s vehicle for an unsafe start, despite the vehicle’s tires screeching as it proceeded to start from a red light. The Court agreed that more was needed including loss of control or proof that pedestrians were endangered by the vehicle’s actions.
  10. In Wayne County, our client faced ATT Rape 1st and other sexual offenses. Following trial, the client was acquitted of all ATT Rape charges as well as other felonies. Client was convicted of misdemeanors.

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