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"There is no one better! ​​​​​​...

I am so thankful for what he did for my son in that court room. Defended him and truly cared about the outcome. He fought for my son like he was family! Professional, kind, honest, the absolute best!"

After an MVA,

our client was ticketed and ordered to Court. on the trial date, the ticket
was dismissed outright! 

Facing 2 Counts of misdemeanor DWI ​​​​​​...

following a MVA with another vehicle, the matter was reduced to a non-criminal violation and all other charges were dismissed! No Jail, No Probation, No Ignition Interlock and no criminal record! 

After trial in a local court,

our client was ACQUITTED of all Misdemeanor DWI Charges!! At trial issues with the chemical test of our client’s breath as well as the circumstances surrounding the one car MVA established REASONABLE DOUBT! NO IID! NO CRIMINAL RECORD! 

In two local courts in Wayne County,

our client was issued tickets for Speeding and a Cell Phone violation. Although the client risked 9 points being placed on his license, our office negotiated a plea to a non-speeding ticket totaling 2 points and an outright DISMISSAL of the Speeding ticket. The client saved hundreds of dollars in fees, fines and insurance premiums! 

In a Family Court Art 8 Petition,

the matter was dismissed outright, not once but two times by the Family Court as we successfully argued that allegations as stated in the Petition were INSUFFICIENT to justify the filing of the allegations. CASE DISMISSED! 

Following a Serious 1 Car MVA,

our client was charged with the Crime of Driving While his Ability was Impaired by Drugs. At the hearing and after conferencing the case with Court and Prosecutor, the Criminal Charge was dismissed! The Client accepted the reduced noncriminal charge and does not have a life-long Criminal Record! 

In a Monroe County local court,

our client, a 20-year-old college student faced criminal mischief charges. Although exposed to possible felony charges as well as jail and probation, Mr. Sercu negotiated an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal to resolve all charges or potential charges. So long as there are no new arrests, this case will be dismissed and sealed. No criminal records! No fines! No jail/probation! 

Our client was charged with 24 Vehicle and...

Traffic violations totaling over 80 points in two separate local courts in Western New York. After difficult negotiations with several members of the District Attorney’s Office, the client pled guilty to a 2-point non-speeding ticket. The remaining 23 tickets were dismissed! Facing mandatory license revocation, thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges as well as outrageous insurance premiums, our client paid the Court less than $200! 

"I hired Mr. Sercu to represent me when...

I was charged with DWI. Mr. Sercu was not just my lawyer however he made me feel so much better about the situation. Made me confident and communicated more than I could have asked for. Anytime I felt uneasy he made time for me just to chat more about the things I was feeling. (I needed much reassurance) He lit up the court room. When I first witnessed him in action I was mind blown. He Walked in the court room grabbed everyone’s attention and that was the best feeling. It was confirmation that I chose the right attorney to represent me. He was able to get my charges dropped to DWAI which is a traffic violation. I was able to get a conditional license and keep my government job. No one else in the world i’d recommend!! He is the BEST, hands down!! Thank you" 

Our client retained our firm...

after they were arrested for 3 sets of misdemeanor Criminal Contempt charges and served with Family Court papers requesting Relocation of their children out of NY state. Our firm resolved all matters. ALL CRIMINAL CONTEMPT CHARGES WERE DISMISSED and the other party on the eve of trial WITHDREW their application to move the children out of NY State. No Criminal Record, No jail, No probation, No orders of protection and the children REMAIN and LIVE in Monroe County.

Following a trial in a local criminal court,

our client was Acquitted of not only DWI but also was Acquitted of DWAI! No fines, no record and no insurance consequences. I have a documented and proven track record for success in defending my clients not only in DWI matters but all Criminal cases.


Our client was arrested for DWI following a 1 car MVA. After a trial in a local town court, the client was ACQUITTED of all charges including DWI and DWAI. 

In a local town court,

our client was prosecuted for DWI involving 1 car where the driver fled the scene. Our client was arrested a few minutes after the crash within a quarter mile of the accident scene. Following a probable cause hearing, the Court suppressed all evidence in the case! The Court ruled that the police did not have probable cause to initially stop our client! All charges were dismissed!

After being arrested...

in an Assault 2nd Violent Felony offense, as well as other misdemeanors, our client’s entire case was dismissed following a presentation of the matter to a Grand Jury. The client avoided any felony conviction as well as potential state prison. CASE DISMISSED

Following a probable cause hearing...

In a local court in Monroe County, Mr. Sercu negotiated a reduction of the DWI charge to a noncriminal offense when the hearing exposed weaknesses in the government’s case for DWI. Following the hearing, client accepted a plea to DWAI that allowed her to keep her job, avoid a criminal record and the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device.

NYS legislature recently changed...

and amended the Criminal Procedure Law to permit people with criminal records whether it be felonies or misdemeanors to position the court to seal those convictions. Contact the attorneys at Sercu Law to discuss possibly sealing of your criminal record.

In 2012 new DMV laws changed all rules as it pertains to the relicensing of repeat DWI offenders.

These laws created a class of revocations that ‘look back’ 25 years. So, if you have 3 or 4 alcohol related convictions and you have your license revoked (regardless of what the judge does in criminal court) the DMV will extend the most recent revocation for an additional 5 years with no conditional license and no ability to drive. After that 5 years, depending on your prior driving history as it pertains to other non-alcohol related infractions like speeding tickets, stop signs, etc. the DMV will permit you to reapply for a 5-year conditional license that would also require you to install an ignition interlock device (IID) for 5 years.

However, if in the review of your 25 year abstract the DMV locates another ‘Serious Driving Offense (SDO)’ such as 20 or more points on your driving abstract in the last 25 years or 2 or more 5-point offenses than the DMV will revoke you for life. Meaning you can’t drive.

My job as your criminal defense lawyer is to go in and look at the abstract, make applications to the court to reopen earlier related convictions or prior traffic convictions in an effort to reduce or eliminate the 5-year revocation extension or the lifetime revocation.

We have a strategy in place to successfully reopen earlier convictions. Call Sercu law to see if there are ways, we can petition courts to secure your NYS license.

Following a trial...

In a local criminal court in Monroe County, the 64 year-old client was ACQUITTED of all criminal charges and the traffic tickets issued after a rollover, 1 car motor vehicle accident. No Criminal Record. No Ignition interlock.

In a local court in Monroe County...

the team at Sercu Law successfully petitioned the Court to dismiss all DWI charges as the paperwork was insufficient. Motion granted. Charges Dismissed.

In a Western New York Court...

our clients Agg DWI and DWI charges were DISMISSED! No Criminal Record! No License Revocation! No Ignition Interlock! No Fines!

Following a trial...

in a Monroe County Town Court, our client was acquitted of misdemeanor DWI. No Criminal Record! No Ignition Interlock! Lower fines!

Facing jail, probation and a 5 year license revocation...

our client’s DWI charge was dismissed when the Court ruled that the stop was illegal. Case Dismissed. Experience Matters.

In a local criminal court, 

our client had all of their DWI and Traffic charges dismissed by the Court on Speedy Trial grounds. No criminal record, no fines, no license revocation! The new Discovery rules are complex and detailed requiring expert analysis! Case dismissed!

After being advised that our client’s license would be revoked permanently...

by the New York DMV, the team at Sercu Law successfully challenged the legality of several prior traffic violation convictions. As a result, our client became immediately eligible to apply for his New York State license! Have a revoked or suspended license? Give us a call today to receive a free DMV Abstract review!

With our client facing a FELONY INDICTMENT...

in an Upstate NY County and the loss of certain professional licenses, our firm negotiated a COMPLETE DISMISSAL of ALL CHARGES!

Facing Misdemeanor DWI charges...

and possible deportation, our client’s matters were dismissed on CPL 30.30 Speedy Trial grounds! No fines, no license revocation, and no deportation!

Following a successful motion argument...

in a local court, ALL charges against our client were dismissed based upon Speedy Trial grounds. The client was ecstatic as there was no conviction, no fines and no license revocation!

Common Law DWI...

following a 2 car motor vehicle accident. Following a trial this week in a local court, our client was ACQUITTED of all charges including Following Too Closely and all alcohol related charges! No Record! No License Suspension! No Fines!


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